Jissen Magazine

Jissen magasinet er et engelsk sproget magasin, omhandlende kampkunst,
selvforsvar, kampsport mm

Jissen Magazine 7

Contents: The Gurkhas: Masters of the Kukri – Cross Training and its Relevance for Sport – Functional Training With Kettlebells For Karate’s Hojo Undo – Structure and Function of a Knife: Knife as Weapon Series– Gavin Mullholland Interview – Speed in Training – Kyusho – Ben Hockman Interview on Training in Urban Krav Maga – It’s Hard to Fight When You Can’t See – How Many Martial Artists Does it Take to Screw in a Light bulb? – Martial Arts Scepticism: How Factual is Martial Arts TV – Fighting Dirty: Karate/TKD’s/TSD’s Most Commonly used Technique – Dead or Alive – The Martial Arts Unanswered Question – The Roundhouse Kick: Karate’s best Kick or a Threat to your Survival? – Karate’s History

Jissen Magazine 6

Contents: Martial Arts Scepticism: The Pornography of Reality-Based Self Defence – Never Give Up – Bouncer – How to Win a Bar Fight – Karate’s Holy Grail – Whiter Shade of Pale – Anatomy of Back Stance – Flow in Modern Karate – Oh S*it! Taking Chudan Uke to the next level – Stav – Karate Jutsu – Bunkai and the Horseman – The Innocent Walking Stick – Dave Turton Interview – Styles: Are They Killing Karate? – Transitional Aspects of Karate (Part 2) – Contact in Training (Part 2)

Jissen Magazine 5

Contents: Reality Based Training! What Is It & Who Really Needs It? – Traditional Values – Self-Defence & The Law – Chinto Kata: History & Application – Ed Francisco Interview – Martial Arts Scepticism: Martial Appeals – Extract from “Waking Dragons”: The Field of Truth – Tradition & Reality – Contact in Training: Part 1 Making Contact – Gary Chamberlain Interview – Feeling Fear & Practicing Kata – Transitional Aspects in Karate: Part 1 – Okinawan Karate: An Eclectic Arsenal – The Bunkai of Basics 3: Hikite – The Little Black Book of Violence Foreword – The Way of Kata: Part 5 – The Gearbox Concept

Jissen Magazine 4

Contents: Martial Arts Scepticism: Philosophy and Ancient Wisdom - The Myth of the Quick Kill - Getting To The Root Of It All - The Four Stages of Man - Kushanku Kata: History & Application - Whatever Happened to “Rock Kata”? - Bassai Bunkai - Tales of a Street Gang - Adaptable Karate: The 3 stages of kata analysis: Part 2 - The Way of Kata: Part 4 - Forearmed for Combat: Strengthening and Hardening the Forearms - Creating Kata: Historical Precedents – Words – The Bunkai of Basics: Part 2 - Taekwondo’s Black Hole - The Little Black Book of Violence by Kris Wilder & Lawrence Kane

Jissen Magazine 3

Contents: Martial Arts Scepticism: A Manifesto - Differing Visions - How to Spar for the Street: Part 3 - How to Survive a Knife Assault - Debunking Taekwondo Myths - Adaptable Karate: Part 1 - The Way of Kata: Part 3 - Kata Training for Fighting Reflexes - Naihanchi / Tekki Bunkai - Creating an effective application: Do San - Power and Impact

Jissen Magazine 2

Contents: Karate Grappling: Does it Exist? – Knives: Face Facts or Run Away – The 360 Degree Drill & Traditional Karate – The use of the Forearms in Combat – The Hierarchy of Training – The Street – The Way of Kata: Part 2 – Self-Defence & Dissimilar Air Combat Tactics – How to Spar for the Street: Part 2 – Are Turns Really Turns? – In Defence of Spear-Hand Strikes – Victory Over Myself

Jissen Magazine 1

Contents: Tradition and Karate – There is nothing “peaceful” about the Pinans – Kiai: the fading cry of the martial artist – The way of kata – On-Ko-Chi-Shin – Taekwondo Patterns & Self-Defence – Personal Security – The bunkai of basics – How to spar for the street